Our business is our customers, below you will find a list of companies who have worked with us and testimonials from satisfied customers to dispel any doubts.

We know that photos alone do not show the full condition of the machine, so at your request we can make a short video where you can hear the engines is running and see the full range of hydraulic and mechanical functions.

If you cannot check the machine yourself personally, each machine is thoroughly checked before loading.

We do not paint and do not hide dents and do not change the counter meter and do not buy machines after accidents or fire.

Customer Testimonials At RS Machinery Ltd, our customers are the heart of our business. Below, you'll find a selection of esteemed companies who have partnered with us, along with testimonials from satisfied customers to provide assurance and confidence in our services.

Assuring Transparency and Quality: Visual Insights with Videos: Recognizing that photos alone may not capture the full essence of a machine, we offer the option to provide a short video. This allows you to not only see the machine in action, but also hear the engines running, and witness the complete range of hydraulic and mechanical functions. 

Thorough Pre-Loading Inspection (PDI INSPECTIONS): For your peace of mind, every machine undergoes a rigorous inspection process before it's prepared for transportation.

Our Commitment to Authenticity: No Cosmetic Alterations: We believe in transparency. We do not engage in painting over imperfections, concealing dents, or tampering with counter meters. No Machines from Accidents or Fire: You can trust that the machines we offer have not been previously involved in accidents or fires. Feel confident in your decision to partner with RS Machinery. Browse through our esteemed references and testimonials to gain a deeper understanding of our dedication to quality and integrity.